Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sector 6 Slum Junk Shop is open again!

For the past week, I've been editing the layout of the blog- spent many nights trying to get the blog to have 2 sidebars whose width doesn't change when i resize the window. Couldn't find a ready-made one so I had to mix and match a 2 templates and put in hours of html and css coding (which i had to learn from tutorials online). And for a dumb reason i decided to delete my posts (yeah, one of the dumb-ass things i did this week) but i have them in text form and will be re-posting a few of them later. The current layout is pretty definitive (i think) and now i'll have to update it and add stuff to the TWO sidebars.

Anyway, I got my Max Factory Naru figure on wednesday- she's sooooooo lovely! The details are excellent and she's nearly perfect. I'll post some pics and write a little review later.


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