Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hokuto no Ken Violence Gashapons K&M

Name: Hokuto no Ken Violence Vignette Gashapons (5 pieces)
Anime: Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star)
Manufacturer: K&M (Kaiyodo & Movic)
Released Date: October 2005
Added to collection: June 2007

This is seriously one of the coolest set of gashapons I've seen (definitely the most gory!). This Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) gashapon set by K&M is totally different from the usual kawaii capsule figures you get. It is very detailed and very anatomically correct- in terms of eyes and brains splattering out! The paint job is excellent and very elaborate, compared to other gashapons. This is a 'must-buy' for gashapon collectors and Hokuto no Ken fans!

There are 2 Kenhiro figures (our hero with the charming smile): one where he's beating someone to pulp while shouting 'Atatatata!', and another, while walking away after saying 'Omae wa mō shindeiru' ('You are already dead'). There are two guys from the Nanto Seiken; Shin, the guy who stole Yuria from Kenshiro, and Rei, another cool guy. Last but not least, we have a little traffic accident with Raoh's horse, Koku-Oh, stepping on some unfortunate fellow.

I had to look up wikipedia for info on the characters coz I watched and read the anime in Thai so don't know how to spell the names.

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Anonymous super rats said...

Wow. I don't collect gashapon, but these are impressive with the amount of action the figurines have. The one dude kicking through someone's head and the one where Ken is punching that thing really convey motion and weight.

10/7/07 7:56 PM  
Anonymous Kintaro said...

I've never really sat down to watch this anime, but I've always liked the character designs. These figures look great, and I agree with SuperRats, the action is fantastic. Excellent pictures as well!

21/1/08 5:09 AM  
Anonymous Horn said...

This are the best Gashapon set I have seen in my life!

3/2/08 12:12 PM  

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