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SD Perfect Gundam (Ganso #11) by Bandai

Name: SD Perfect Gundam
Series: Ganso SD Gundam
Number: 11 (Hong Kong release)
Released Year: 1996
Finished: March 2008

This is my first gundam kit, bought when I was like 14-15 years old (I think). I assembled it with no tools (knife or cutter) and didn't even do the panel lines. After it was abandoned in my cupboard for a few years, I got to do the panel lines using a fine-tip permanent marker. The poor gundam was then put back in its box and forgotten till a few weeks ago.

This Ganso SD Gundam kit is actually called F.A.P. Gundam. You build yourself a RX-78-2 first and then you can add parts to transform it to a Perfect Gundam or a Full-Armor Gundam. You also get the Pegasus Base. I decided to paint the Perfect Gundam coz the Full-Armor Gundam was really ugly. However, I didn't add the Perfect Gundam's gun turret/backpack coz some parts were broken.

I didn't do any sanding or puttying on it; only concentrated on painting. Actually, I've never done any sanding or puttying before in my life- I guess it was because I was too lazy. However, I'm regretting it now coz the gap on side of the head is so obvious, as well as the flash lines on the legs and arms.

These are the layers of paint I did:
1) black
2) white, blue, red, yellow
3) gloss coat
4) panel lines with enamel wash
5) pastel
6) matt coat
Next time I'll do post-shading instead with smoke colour coz I think it'll be quicker. I didn't attempt to paint the eye because there was no panel line to guide the painting.

The final product looks pretty good (ignoring the gap and the flash lines) but I'll do my future SD gundams with sanding and puttying. I'll make the next one 'cleaner' as well, since this one looked like it has been sweeping someone's chimney. I also need some more practice on panel-lining; have to make the lines finer. Will try using a marker next time.

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DSCN3221 DSCN3215

DSCN3222 DSCN3217

DSCN3218 DSCN3232

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Blogger 5thLuna said...

Ganso line is so rare now. very good job!

10/3/08 3:13 PM  
Blogger Cloud said...

yeah, i managed to get 4 more from the Ganso line as well.

10/3/08 3:18 PM  

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