Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rei & Asuka P.E. Class SEGA Prize

Name: Rei & Asuka P.E. Class
Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Company: SEGA Prize
Height: 12-13 cm
Release date: 2005
Added to collection: 27/10/05

The main thing that I like about this set is all the extra bits and pieces which come with Rei and Asuka to form a nice little diorama. The desk and chair set includes Rei's school bag, her
neatly folded uniform, as well as a little red sack. Asuka comes with the entire vaulting box set with a springboard and a mat. Set these all up in front of the cardboard backdrop and you'll have a cool scene. The figures are well-molded with good attention to details (e.g. shoe laces, creases on the P.E. top). Eyes are printed on like the Love Hina set. The painting is pretty good except for a few inconsistencies along the edge.

This photo set was taken with 2 ordinary incandescent table lamp (I don't have a flourescent lamp) and with my camera on white-balance. They were also edited using GIMP; I played around with the brightness, contrast, and white-balance. They didn't turn out too badly but I still think that they're abit too dark and the colors aren't as good as under sunlight. The advantage of using lamps is that I don't have to wait for a cloudless day and I can get rid of the strong shadows. The first photo was taken under sunlight and a flash so you can see the difference from the rest of the photos. The last few photos weren't edited with GIMP.

There are 2 other sets available in the same line (also with lots of props): Study Time, and Cleaning Time. I was tempted to get them but the shipping price on ebay put me off.














Anonymous shiawasekun said...

These pair of eva figs are nice. I wonder if they can still be found.

15/5/07 1:45 PM  
Blogger Cloud said...

you might be able to get them on ebay- they aren't too hard to find. there're other versions of rei and asuka as well e.g. study time, cleaning time.

15/5/07 2:13 PM  
Anonymous shiawasekun said...

hmm, I'm not too good eBay since I'm trying to avoid bootlegs. Yup, I have gotten the study/cleaning time as there was a small sale going on. Nice and good =0

17/5/07 10:17 AM  

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