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Musha Keroro Bandai

Name: Musha Keroro
Anime: Keroro Gunsou
Company: Bandai
Released date: February 2008
Started: 4th March 08
Completed: 23rd March 08

I started the Musha Keroro when I was waiting for the paint to dry on the SD Perfect Gundam. As a result, it took me a few weeks to get this kit done. This is the first kit that I decided to do puttying and sanding. I also tried the silver-clear colour technique to get the metallic look.

Here are the steps:
1) Cut and test assemble.
2) Puttying.
3) Sanding.
4) Wash off the dust.
5) Airbrush light green and green on body and helmet (with masking for the hand armours).
6) Airbrush pink (white+red) and yellow, on mouth and the star on the body. Clean off excess paint with alcohol since I didn't do masking. Do the same for the eyes.
7) Airbrush beam saber with fluorescent pink and then white for the handle and shading.
8) Mask the gold on the helmet and armour. Use Tamiya masking tape and a sharp cutter. Airbrush silver. Wait and then followed with clear yellow.
9) Mask the parts for the red-pink (red+white) on the helmet and armour. Airbrush and handbrush the 'V' on the armour.
10) Hand-brush black on the helmet and the two small gold rings. Hand-brush the yellow star on armour.
11) Touch up small mistakes with hand-brushing.
12) Assemble.
13) Panel-lining.

Take a look at some official photos and similar Keroro kits by Bandai here. I guess my Musha Keroro isn't too bad compared to theirs!

See also:
SD Gundams and Keroro madness!

I guess the Musha Keroro is based on a Keroro Gunsou movie. You can definitely see the Gundam inflence in the armour. The challenging part of the kit was to paint the gold on the armour. Airbrush or hand-brush?

Nice and simple kit.

Printed on the instructions, is a short manga.


On another slip is some advertisement for Keroro goods.

This is the new Keroro game for the NDS; Chou Gekijou Ban Keroro Gunsou 3 - Action Tenkuu Daibouken de Arimasu! I played and finished it a few days ago. Really fun game.

I used 2-part epoxy putty to fill in the gaps and then sanded with a needle file and sand paper (350, 600, 800, 1000 grit). I filled in the back of the 'horns' as well.

After airbrushing in green. No gap lines could be seen.


DSCN3293 DSCN3294
The masking took ages for the gold on the armour and helmet. The yellow gold colour was achieved by airbrushing with silver followed by clear yellow. The silver on the horns was hand-brushed, giving a cast-iron texture. The yellow star on the armour and the black on the helmet were handbrushed.

DSCN3312 DSCN3308
I used a black artist marker to do the panel lines. They became 'blocked' after a while- I guess due to the paint pigments- so had to clean the tips with alcohol. The pens had less problems with gloss colours than matt ones.

DSCN3311 DSCN3316

This is what it looks like without painting. Looks pretty OK for a toy.

DSCN3202 DSCN3203 DSCN3198 CCF22032008_00000
CCF22032008_00005 DSCN3315 DSCN3309 DSCN3299


Blogger hessam said...

Very professional looking, what colours & brand paints did you use? They look very vibrant, anyhow I tried a couple of the keroro kits (afro gunso & normal gunso) a while back here are my posts:

I gave up on the normal ones because the limbs fall off easily.


26/3/08 12:33 PM  
Blogger Cloud said...

i used both tamiya acrylic and mr. aqueous color paints. all colors where used from the bottle- didn't mix them myself except for the 2 shades of pink. one green was picked from mr. aqueous color the other green was from tamiya (can't remember which is which). oh and the back pack was german grey (left over from my 1/35 panzers).

i also didn't paint the white for the eyes and mouth- they're bare plastic.

26/3/08 3:10 PM  
Anonymous Prim3 said...

Looks great! you really put a lot of effort into this.. :D

30/3/08 12:05 AM  
Blogger Cloud said...

hehe, yep. need to work on my puttying skills though.

30/3/08 9:48 AM  
Anonymous muffin said...

bonjour cher. im passant juste parce que votre blog devient si silencieux sans moi! im si jaloux que vous pouvez lire le français! ainsi maintenant ive un traducteur personnel, je ne devrais pas me plaindre. surtout quand mon traducteur est formidable joli et doux et entièrement joli

14/4/08 10:17 PM  
Blogger Cloud said...

hehe, you're speaking french! remind me to teach you some phrases next time:)

14/4/08 10:50 PM  
Anonymous Tuner said...

Thanks for adding me. I replied your comments on my blog. And you are pro! I havn't touch air brush yet.

18/4/08 12:58 PM  
Blogger Cloud said...

you flatter me too much:) you haven't used an airbrush? your SDs look pretty well painted though.

18/4/08 1:08 PM  
Anonymous Tuner said...

ya, my SDs are all hand painted. Just doing SDs so they are too small to airbrush all the time.

18/4/08 2:25 PM  
Blogger yanmin* said...

all these terms are like greek to me ): ok ive nothing technical to contribute here but! im sure you still loveee my postings to bits, dont you dear?? =P

19/4/08 1:32 PM  
Blogger Cloud said...

of course. but i envy you; you get anonymous people asking to be your friend:P i've never got that here, hehe.

19/4/08 2:46 PM  
Blogger yanmin* said...

well im not exactly in the habit of making friends over the internet anw -grins- but! ive this disgusting habit of making friends with TAs -giggles- right dear (:

19/4/08 3:59 PM  
Blogger bunbungirl said...

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10/5/08 10:12 AM  
Anonymous Reddd said...

C'est merveilleux ce travail! Je suis decu parce que je m'attendais a ce qu'ils soient en couleur comme sur les photos.

14/6/08 9:08 AM  
Blogger Cloud said...

mais la maquette sans peinture est pas mal quand même, non? ou vous pouvez toujours essayer les gundam markers:)

14/6/08 9:26 AM  
Blogger BluePlains said...

I believe this is the first time we met so hi my names Roy:D
and Wow awesome job on it,its a cute..whatever it is haha^^.The painting is superb:) great job,really like your site,keep posting stuff;)


24/7/08 9:35 AM  
Blogger Cloud said...


24/7/08 10:33 PM  
Blogger Musha kero said...

Very good painting.It is nice.

6/6/09 11:50 AM  
Blogger Potatochobit said...

I just ordered a keroro Musha with Pururu. I was just going to do some minor detailing on the keroro but now after seeing yours I have this nagging urge to unpack my airbrush...

30/3/10 6:02 AM  

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