Friday, September 08, 2006

1/7 Kazami Mizuho by Max Factory

Name: Kazami Mizuho
Anime: Onegai Teacher (Please Teacher!)
Company: Max Factory
Sculpted by: Chieri
Price: 6800 Yen
Released: mid-June 2006
Added to collection: mid-July 2006

Woo hoo! This is my first figure review since moving into my new place! I also got myself a new camera; Nikon COOLPIX 5200, which means that I won't have to keep borrowing my friend's Fuji one.

Kazami Mizuho is an excellent piece of work, as expected from the Max Factory's sculpture Chieri (the guy who did Narusegawa in leaf-bikinis). The likeness to the character from the anime is very high, both in her facial features as well as her...... mmmm..... 'measurements'. Slight shading on her skin in some areas gives her more realistic appearance and her fingers are very well done (although personally, I think that her toes are a tad bit too long!). The mould lines are pretty well-hidden; the one running down her leg is quite hard to spot, and those on her shirt are like normal seams on a fabric.

What I like most about this figure is the base and the accessories which come with it. The fluffy white fabric, used as the base, mimics the feel of a carpet. You also get boxes of Pocky (or Pochy rather) and her pink bra (my favourite part!) to scatter on it. Mizuho also has a pair of glasses which is totally a must since it's really an important part of her character. It took me a while to figure out how to get the glasses on her since it's basically impossible for them to stay on by themselves. i.e. i had to use blu-tac.

Trying to be picky and critical, I have 2 downers about this figure. First, I have no idea why the main body of her hair (not the front piece) wasn't made from one whole piece; it's made from a main piece plus 2 other smaller pieces, so the joint-lines between them are a bit distracting. Secondly, the knots of her bikini bottom is actually glued onto the shirt and not the bikini so you have this bow-like knots seemingly floating in mid-air.

The photos here are a bit too dark since I'm still trying to get used to the new camera. But after uploading the photos, I managed to figure out how to make things much much brighter- you'll find out when I post my next review!

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