Sunday, June 24, 2007

1/7 Sonsaku Hakufu (Sitting) Yamato

Name: 1/7 Sonsaku Hakufu
Anime: Ikkitousen
Company: Yamato Extra !StoryImageFigure! (SIF-EX)
Sculpted by: zenko (iousen)
Released: November 2006
Added to collection: June 2007

This photo-shoot took a while coz I've been playing around with the lighting and background, as well as the camera settings. The white balance is a real pain, and it's hard to find the right settings for the exposure compensation. I'm still not getting the 'true' colour of the figure (the photos are slightly on the yellow side) and will have to work more on that in future. This is also the first time using a coloured background.

This 1/7 Sonsaku is quite impressive considering that it's from Yamato and not the 'big' companies like Max factory, Alter and Good Smile Company. The skin shading was done well, and doesn't look too 'plasticky'. Not much details on Sonsaku, which is fair, since most of her uniform is torned-off! One interesting to note is the type of plastic used. The figure is made from ATBC-PVC and has PMMA as the base. ATBC, or acetyl tributyl citrate, is used as a plasticiser for the PVC. Meaning, makes your usual PVC more soft and rubbery. This softer PVC is used for her torned yellow top, her skirt, and of course, her big anime 'eyes' (using the vocab consistent with Danny Choo!). Another cool feature of the figure is the mirror base. It's PMMA, or poly methyl methacrylate (incidently, I use the same stuff in my lab), rather than the usual ABS, or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. So basically, the base is a colourless acrylic disk, with a silver reflecting sheet.

The mould-lines running down the front of her legs are slightly visible. Her school skirt can actually slide up and down on her waist since it's not permanently glued on. You might think that her pliable assets are the only reason to buy the figure (well, actually, it WAS the reason I bought her!). Sonsaku is well-sculpted (in terms of design) and I think it's a really cute pose- you can imagine it coming from a scene where she's just slipped.

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Anonymous lu-k said...

Those mirror bases are just awesome hehehe ^^;
Very nice Hakufu you've got there!

About white balance settings, that's a true difficult step when doing indoor shots :o
It depends on the kind of lamp you use and the heat it produces, since colors are determined by temperature.
With my halogen lamp, I use to set my camera WB to 2900°K. I guess you should try arround this value.

24/6/07 4:46 PM  
Blogger Cloud said...

merci mille fois! i use a fluorescent lamp in front and a small halogen light on top so it's kinda mixed. i also use a point and shoot camera so the white balance is not too flexible to adjust.

24/6/07 5:21 PM  
Anonymous valho said...

This Hakufu is indeed cute ^^
it's hard to get the right white balance sometimes with a PNS camera. Usually I just use a white paper or white board for custom white balance and hope for the best.

24/6/07 6:54 PM  
Anonymous Danny Choo said...

No pictures of you squeezing her eyes?

24/6/07 9:04 PM  
Blogger Cloud said...

nah, i had enough trouble trying to to hold the camera still! ;)

24/6/07 10:52 PM  
Anonymous aka_ugly said...

Cute Hakafu figure :D
The less camera advice from me, the better.

25/6/07 10:51 AM  
Anonymous kfchong said...

Very nice job on the photos!

I can feel your pain in getting the right color balance and exposure on a PnS camera. I use to take 200 photos per figure and only choose 25 out of it.

You will get the hang of it.

26/6/07 10:29 AM  

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