Sunday, April 09, 2006

Blog Updates

28/05/10 :
Under the 'My collection' column on the left, I changed the discription to be above the pictures. I tried to place the pictures in the centre of the column but nothing seems to work. My CSS skills are basically non-existant.

14/03/08 :
I'm thinking of turning this blog into more of a site. The disadvantage of a blog is that it's harder to find the posts which you want, especially the older ones. I want the site to be more useful as a resource for info on my anime figures, kits, and other toys. I'll also be editing older posts so that the images are smaller and including image thumbnails.

07/03/08 :
This blog is getting bigger so I added a Google search on the right column.
I also decided (for future posts) to reduce the pictures size so that page-loading time will be much shorter.

02/02/08 :
Added a link to my Yahoo! Auction page.

16/06/07 :
Alphabetised the Links.

15/05/07 :
Got the RSS reader for Danny's feed after many search on the net and my DIY coding.
Added some new links.

14/05/07 :
Got rid off the Updates and Guestbook on the side bar- they make the blog less cluttered-up. Added a nice link to Danny's site- this blog was inspired by his site. Trying to get an RSS reader implemented.

10/08/06 :
The spammer jackass is back so I decided to implement the word verification box for posting comments.

22/07/06 :
Been away from this site for a while since I'm on holiday and I'm on dial-up. I changed the country of my adsense account so I had to change the ad codes. I also received the first spam comment of this blog! (hurray!) A pain really since some jackass posted about 8-9 comments but it means that the site is 'big' enough to be noticed by spammers. Not sure if it's a bot or not but if it gets worse I'll put up the key verification box.

17/05/06 :
Added a trooper and an officer from FF6. The animated GIFs are working! I added them to "Banners".
Changed the GIFs to smaller ones as well as added Sabin, Edgar, and Locke.
Oh and type in "sector 6" in Google- this blog will come out as the 7th entry out of 221,000,000!

30/04/06 :
Split the 'All Posts' into the 4 categories; My Collection, Wish List, Anime, and Miscellaneous and added the links to the menu bar. I think this format will look better and will be more functional espcially when the blog gets bigger and there're more posts.

29/04/06 :
Created a post called 'All Posts' which will serve as a categorised index to all of the blog entries. Also added it to the menu bar.

28/04/06 :
Edited the banner (again): used the blurring brush in GIMP around the edges of the picture so that it's less 'pixelate'. Also made the horizontal menu bar using html- this looks much better than having one made from image mapping. For some reason there's a gap between the picture and the tool bar- couldn't get rid of it.
Solved compatibility problem between Firefox/IE: the border of the and the Blogger logos weren't showing up the right colour in IE. Used CSS code instead of the "font" tag and spent hours doing trial and error until I got it to work.

26/04/06 :
Added second adsense banner at the footer and updated the links.
Modified the banner.

21/04/06 :
Added Google search.
Added borders to the and Blogger logos. For some reason, all the photos I upload (to blogger or flickr) tend to decrease in quality (to make it quicker to load the pages?). Also found a nice pic (from Ranma 1/2) and modified it be used as the 'Updates' icon.

20/04/06 :
Added Adsense. I really doubt that I'll earn any worth while cash but what's there to lose (other than a 728x90 pixels space)? I also edited my guestbook picture- I erased the background so it'll look more like an icon. The amount of unique visitors is pretty decent (40-60 per day) thanks to google and the number of returning visitors is also gradually increasing which is good news.

Decided that this will be an updates page where I record all the modifications that I've made to the blog and so I've added a link to it on the right sidebar.

I'm also changing the way I center the images; I'll be using div align="center" to avoid having a huge 'link area' around the images.

14/04/06 :
Got rid of the midis.

10/04/06 :
Can't be bothered to add another 'Blog Update' otherwise I'll end up with 100s of them. This afternoon I added a new feature- the media player now plays a random MIDI each time I refresh the page or when I click on another post. It was done using javascript.

09/04/06 :
Right, I'm really spending too much time on this blog- updating and improving the templates - as well as taking photos of my figurines. I should be studying for my exams instead. I have an exam tomorrow which I'm gonna fail, unfortunately.

Anyway, last night, after much research, I added this cool new Archive feature. It's a neat way of indexing all of my posts so that they're very easy to access. I first looked it up in the Help in Blogger but their codes were wrong and the instructions were unclear. So then i went to Blogger forum which was much better.

I've also added 'See also' links to the end of posts so that you can read the related posts. The site counter thing is really addictive as well- I keep on checking to see the stats on the traffic coming to my blog e.g. which country, length of visit, which link they came from etc.

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Well Done on he upgrade, the result is well worth thr effort.

21/4/06 4:18 PM  

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