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Corinthian Microstars WorldStars (Series 19)

Name: Microstars
Series: WorldStars (Series 19)
Company: Corinthian
Number of figures: 40
Release date: April 2010
Added to collection: May 2010

I said I was going to finish my SD Nise Gundam but as usual, it's now stored back in cupboard. For the past 2-3 weeks, I've been occupied with Corinthian MicroStars- these small (about 5 cm) figures of footballers. I was aware of their larger cousins; the Prostars series, but have never seen these Microstars before and thought they were pretty cool. I guess my affinity towards them is derived from my liking of SD gashapons!

I used Daiso's Mini Collection Box as a display (#498 434 342 832 4) so they won't get dusty and I stuck artificial grass on the platform to make it look more interesting. This Microstars WorldStars (Series 19) are the players which are part of the countries participating in the World Cup 2010 in South Africa! Corinthian has managed to come up with quite a wide range but if you've noticed, they are only players from the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga- the Italian Calcio Series A is a BIG absentee :( I'm hoping that the next release of Microstars would be players in their international kits (with Italian players)!

Complete listing of the 40 players
Liverpool: Torres (ESP), Gerrard (ENG), Babel (NED), Mascherano (ARG), Kuyt (NED), Skrtel (SVK), Aquilani (ITA), Agger (DEN)
Chelsea: Alex (BRA), Lampard (ENG), Terry (ENG), Ballack (GER), Essien (GHA), Drogba (CIV)
Arsenal: Van Persie (NED), Fabregas (ESP), Senderos (SUI), Bendtner (DEN), Vela (MEX)
Manchester United: Rooney (ENG), J.S.Park (KOR), Ferdinand (ENG), Anderson (BRA), Nani (POR), Vidic (SRB)
Manchester City: Tevez (ARG), Robinho (BRA), K.Toure (CIV), De Jong (NED), Santa Cruz (PAR)
Everton: Cahill (AUS), Pienaar (RSA), Howard (USA)
Barcelona: Messi (ARG), Henry (FRA), Marquez (MEX), Y.Toure (CIV), Iniesta (ESP), Alves (BRA), Xavi (ESP)

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Microstars Cover1 Microstars Cover2


P1100001 P1100003

Back (L to R): Mascherano, Skrtel, Aquilani, Agger
Front (L to R): Torres, Gerrard, Kuyt


P1090994 P1090996

Back (L to R): Alex, Essien, Ballack
Front (L to R): Drogba, Lampard, Terry


P1090988 P1090991

Back (L to R): Babel, Senderos, Vela, Howard
Front (L to R): Fabregas, Van Persie, Brendtner


P1090976 P1090979

Back (L to R): Vidic, J.S.Park, Ferdinand
Front (L to R): Nani, Rooney, Anderson


P1090970 P1090974

Back (L to R): De Jong, Santa Cruz, K.Toure, Pienaar
Front (L to R): Tevez, Robinho, Cahill


P1090982 P1090985

Back (L to R): Alvez, Iniesta, Marquez, Y.Toure
Front (L to R): Xavi, Messi, Henry


I came across these cool Microstars display stands on the official online shop. The curved piece was actually 'Out of Stock' on the website so I phoned the Corinthian people in the UK and asked whether they have the Microstars stadium curved section anywere in stock. The nice lady told me that they don't have any more stock and they aren't planning to order anymore. But lucky for me, she said there is one piece available- the box is a bit crushed but the item is fine. I bought 1 curved section and 1 straight section and hopefully, it'll reach singapore soon.

Microstars Colours Microstars List1 Microstars List2 55306BX


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