Thursday, May 04, 2006

Evangelion Gashapon Bandai Series 4

Name: Evangelion HGIF Gashapon Series 4 Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Company: Bandai
Number of figures: 6
Price: 200 Yen/figure (machine price)
Released date: September 2005
Added to collection: 04/10/05

This is one of the Evangelion gashapons sets which I have in my collection. I'm always amazed by how they can put so much details on these tiny figures. On a random note, I think HGIF stands for "High Grade Imagination Figures"

Series 4 concentrates on the characters in their 'casual' clothes- there're no plug suits this time. The highlight of this series is Asuka in her Gothic Lolita dress (which is also available in 1/7 PVC by Kotobukiya). The dress and her petticoat are very detailed. I also like the different 'props' (the metal stairs and the steps) which come with the figures making the figures more interesting than having them by themselves.

The paint application is good - in the standards of gashapons - with only a few visible errors, so I'm not going to be too critical. The only problem I have with this series is the Misato figure: the joint between her arm and her body wasn't well done and it's too visible.

This is one of the best photos set I've taken. I had 2 light sources (tungsten lamps) in front, coming from left and right and I also had the window behind the paper screen. It was the sunlight (but not direct sunlight) which really made the difference since it acted as the 3rd light source, lighting-up the background. The tricky part to adjust the distance of the lamps from the figures- if they're too close, everything becomes too white, and if they're too far, the photo becomes too dark. The average was around 10-15cm.

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DSCF2699 DSCF2701

DSCF2712 DSCF2715

DSCF2719 DSCF2706

DSCF2700 DSCF2702 DSCF2713 DSCF2717
DSCF2720 DSCF2707 DSCF2708


Anonymous GashaponCollector said...

Awesome pics! Will look forward to more of your gashapon reviews! Also, do you have all these figures in a huge display case? Love to see pics of that too.

17/5/06 2:35 AM  
Blogger Cloud said...

Thanks! I'll be posting the review for the Best Collection set sometime this week. I don't have a proper display case/box for my gashapons or my figurines- the 5 sets of gashapons which i have are on a 35x30x20cm wooden shelf. I use transparency sheets (for overhead projectors) to seal-off the shelf, protecting the gashapons from the dust.

On a different note- I edited some info on the Eva gashapons on your site. I think the release dates are pretty accurate.

17/5/06 2:52 AM  

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