Thursday, May 17, 2007

1/7 Ignis Max Factory

Name: 1/7 Ignis
Eroge: Jingai Makyo
Company: Max Factory
Sculpted by: Masato Kitade
Price: 6800 Yen
Released: October 2006
Added to collection: November 2006

Definitely one of my favourite figures I have in my collection. The 1/7 Ignis by Max Factory is an absolute stunner in terms of quality and design. Had no idea who she was but when her release was announced, I pre-ordered her straightaway on ebay (see here).
It was like nearly 6 months until I finally got her in the post due to many delays by Max Factory but she was worth the wait! The complexity and size (her height and measurements....hehe) of Ignis makes her stand out from the other PVCs. She also comes with glasses but I kinda 'misplaced' them somewhere- must've fallen off while I was moving her around.

There's only one minor problem with Ignis- this 1/7 PVC is a 'leaner'. This is confirmed by other figure review sites/blogs so it's not only unique to my Ignis. She started to lean forward after a few weeks on display and I thought that I had to put her in her box for good. However, I managed to come up with a very effective and simple solution. Rather than having her left foot slotted to the peg, let her left toes rest on it. She won't lean this way and she's quite stable in this position.

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The previous photoshoot with a black background went pretty well, so decided to use it here as well. Used a slightly negative exposure compensation rather than the usual positive so one or two photos might be just a tad bit dark.


Look at her hair and dress! Her hair is made from so many separate bits, making the sculpt very dynamic. Her dress is just (I'm lost for words to describe it).

A wicked looking sword. No idea what the engravings means though.


A little pantsu peek. The mirror base is really neat but gets scratched easily.




The back part of her dress is painted a darker skin colour to give a pretty effective impression that it's see-through.

I wonder how a dress can hug so tightly to the posterior.