Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Love Hina Ping Pong SEGA Prize Set

Name: Visual Package Figure Ping Pong /Onsen Set
Anime: Love Hina Again
Company: SEGA Prize
Height: 16-18cm
Price: 1200 Yen per figure (HLJ price)
Release date: 2003
Added to collection: 04/10/05

I bought this set from a Japanese ebay seller. Each figure comes with a third of a ping pong table so the 3 makes the full diorama. These are the variants- they were first released with white yukatas. I couldn't find much info on these figures since they're available as prizes in SEGA arcades - not sure what kind of machine though
(but there're a few online shops which sell these figures).

The figures are: Narusegawa Naru, Maehara Shinobu, and Urashima Kanako. This set isn't based on a specific scene from the anime; I can only remember on ping-pong scene between Naru and Keitaro. The green yukata was probably taken from Love Hina Again (see pic). The level of detail is pretty good- the fine details (e.g. the eyes and the onsen sign) are printed rather than painted. The overall paint job was done well and I also like the small plastic bases screwed on to the feet, making the figures very stable.

The whole diorama is very interesting- looks like they're in the middle of a match- and it's worth getting the 3 of them (1 or 2 on its own is useless).In my room, I have a little plastic bead suspended by a thin thread which works well as the ping pong ball and it looks as if Kanako is about to smash it back towards the Naru-Shinobu team.

Another gallery here.

mutsumi4Otohime Mutsumi wearing the green yukata from Love Hina Again: Kanako. The fan-service in the OVAs is abit too much for my liking.


Magazine scans (these are the same pictures on the boxes in which the figures came in).






DSCF1975The first 3 character says 'Hinata'. Can't confirm the last 2 though (it's not 'onsen'). EDIT: it's 'ryogan' which means 'inn',








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