Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Evangelion Gashapon Bandai Series 3

Name: Evangelion HGIF Gashapon Part 3 Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Company: Bandai
Number of figures: 6
Price: 200 Yen/figure (machine price)
Released date: 2004
Added to collection: August 2005

This is the first gashapon set which I bought (I didn't even know they were called gashapons!). At the time, I've heard about Neon Genesis Evangelion but haven't watched the anime. I bought the set coz I thought the Rei and Asuka lookes pretty cool in their plug-suits.

The highlight of Series 3 is the Rei and Asuka pair in their plug-suits. Rei's plug-suit has a nice metallic shine to it and her face is painted very well. Both of the plug-suits are very detailed- there're even small metallic screws near the shoulders. I really like their pose with the background prop.

The other gashapons are nowhere as good. The faces on the Asuka and Rei gashapons in their summer clothes look abit weird- I think it's because of their eyes. However, I do like the Yui Ikari gashapon in lab coat and with her file. Also, I think the pose of Kaworu is really interesting and his uniform is done pretty well- it even comes with a belt!

DSCF2723 DSCF2603

DSCF2604 DSCF2729


DSCF2606DSCF2724 DSCF2726
DSCF2730 DSCF2732 DSCF2735 DSCF2738


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