Sunday, May 13, 2007

Virgo Shaka Myth Cloth Bandai (+ Appendix)

Name: Virgo Shaka Myth Cloth, Re-issue (+ Appendix)
Anime: Saint Seiya
Company: Bandai
Released: March 2007
Added to collection: May 2007

I'm really a big fan of Saint Seiya. It's one of those big 'classics' which played a large part of my childhood, along with Dragon Ball and Doraemon. I've been reading the manga quite a few times in the past 2-3 years but didn't manage to catch all the anime episodes. I preferred the manga to the anime- a general bias that is true for most of the anime/manga.

I used to have an old Bandai gold cloth which my mum got me years and years ago. It was a Sea horse Baian, one of Poseidon's Mariners. The quality of it was totally crap if you compared it to the myth cloth series....but hey, that was more than a decade ago and it was a toy for some primary school kid.

A few years ago (3 years?), when the myth cloth was first released, I thought they were pretty cool but was shocked at the price- NB: at that time, I wasn't a collector of figurines. I didn't buy them but got myself a few of those Bandai Saint Seiya plastic models- the ones which you have to glue together and then paint it yourself. They looked pretty impressive once you painted them- I had the brothers; Phoenix Ikki and Andromeda Jun, and my favourite gold saints; Gemini Saga, Virgo Shaka, and Libra Dokho.

I hardly have the cash and the display space to be a collector of Gold Saints so I only got my first one now since I've been contemplating whether to buy one or not. I bought Virgo Shaka a few weeks ago along with the Appendix. I'm really glad I got the Appendix as well, since the original face of Shaka is totally weird and basically doesn't look like Shaka.

The Appendix comes with 2 heads and a helmet (which are smaller and more realistic than the original), a pair of wings and gold-plated clasped hands for the 'Virgin', and a new pair of shoulder armour. There's this problem with Shaka's neck when you switch the heads- it either becomes too short or too long. See here. So I got that fixed as soon as I opened the box. Another big problem is that one of the leg armour couldn't fit nicely to the Virgin- they didn't file off a piece of metal properly so I had to get rid of it using a screwdriver and hammer. A quality control cock-up by Bandai.

Ok, those were the only 'glitches' in this great figure. Those planning to buy a Virgo Shaka Myth Cloth, get yourself the Bandai Appendix as well because it's definitely worth it, especially for the pair of wings!

I love those beads!

Those hands were a tad bit hard to put on- they kept falling off!

Virgo Shaka meditating on a gold pedestal.

Shaka has opened his eyes! Tenbu Horin!

Must get the Appendix as well for those great wings!



Anonymous Danny Choo said...

Some nice looking pics you have here. Never seen the anime myself though.

15/5/07 7:24 AM  
Blogger Cloud said...

Thanks Danny! and thanks also for your DC rewards- just added it to my blog yesterday.

15/5/07 10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I also a big fan of St.Seiya and think about buying the Cloth Myth figure, but there are several things I don't understand, how did you fix the leg armor that you said didn't fix with the virgin? And how about the falling part and hard to set it? I have the vintage ones and encountered a minor problem in setting the Gemini helmet into the shadow's body....

18/9/08 12:38 AM  
Blogger Cloud said...

there was a metal bit sticking out in the interior of leg armour so i couldnt fit the leg in. it's not a widespread problem- i'm probable the only one with this problem.

28/9/08 11:34 AM  
Anonymous manny said...


am a die hard fan of saint seiya

one of the deepest and most meaningful series ever. You really feel every minute

along with saint seiya's author (Masami Kurumada) is sun tzu (who wrote the art of war), both changed my way of thinking

am sure to get one of these figures, really great job

15/10/09 9:04 AM  
Anonymous Viagra Online said...

this action figure is too much well constructed, the design and details are the best that I never seen before, and he open his eyes...Tenbu Horin, hell yeah!!.
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13/9/10 11:23 PM  
Blogger Saint seiya said...

I am extremely happy to seen it and wanna a copy of this.Although I have some toys that I collected from PIJ I’m excited! I’m going to have these in week!

27/5/12 12:04 PM  

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