Saturday, March 08, 2008

Asuka Superior Voice I-doll Bandai

Name: Asuka Superior Voice I-doll
Company: Bandai
Scale: 1/7
Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Released: September 2006
Added to collection: October 2006

Ok, this photoshoot was done ages ago (July 2007) but I kinda abandonned it in my flickr account. Since flickr only allows 200 photos to be displayed in your free account, I decided to post them up before they disappear from the list.

This figure was an impulse buy. Not your usual PVC figure but the gimmick is that it has 10 tracks of Asuka saying stuff in her characteristic voice. Her voice actress is Miyamura Yuuko (don't know much about her). Rei Voice I-doll was also released at the same time but I didn't get her coz her pose wasn't as interesting.

The PVC sculpt itself isn't spectacular- rather average. But I do like the shine on her plug-suit.

DSCN2461 DSCN2467

DSCN2470 DSCN2473

DSCN2476 DSCN2488

DSCN2515 DSCN2509 DSCN2506 DSCN2500 DSCN2497 DSCN2491


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