Friday, April 07, 2006

Blog Updates

Been busy the past week bringing in new features to this blog. I got rid of the animated flickr badge, and I changed abit of the template so that the pictures on the left-hand column act as links to their respective blog entries instead of going to my flickr database (there're of course pictures which don't have a blog entry so I'll have to write more reviews later).

I also figured out how to put some music into the blog after researching in forums and setting up an account with Castpost where I can upload media files. I know that some people will find it annoying but you can always turn it off. I chose midi files since other formats will take years to load. I uploaded a few songs and made a small list of them in the 'Template' so that I can easily change the songs. Had a problem with one of the midi files though- it worked in IE but not Firefox- don't know why.

Last feature added was the site counter! I know that this blog wasn't originally meant to have a public audience as its main aim (see the first entry of this blog) but it'll be interesting to see how many people actually visits this blog.

Just trying out some animated GIFs (this might take a while to load since the Eri's GIF are around 200 KB each).
EDIT: For some reason they don't appear in this entry or in the side-bars. Blogger probably doesn't allow them(?).
EDIT 2: For IE I had to click 'Show Picture' for the GIFs to appear. For Firefox, 'View Image' takes you away from the blog and the load time is slow.

EDIT 3: They're all gone again.......


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