Friday, April 21, 2006

Google and Sector 6 Slum Junk Shop

For some reason my blog is very high in google. It's only been up for a while and the traffic isn't THAT high.

search for 'naru max factory' and it's the first one out of 31,200
'naru narusegawa' : 23rd out of 111,000
'tsukamoto yakumo': 6th out of 14,600
'chidori kaname': 14th out of 77,900
'takako kinoshita': 6th out of 55,900
'school rumble figures': 4th out of 1,820,000
'bome figures': 40th out of 185,000
......... etc. etc. you get the idea.

Typing just the name of the characters means that I'll be competing with the different fansites and not necessarily with other anime figures sites so if you type in a more specific search (e.g include the manufacturer's name), I'll definitely get the first spot or in the top ten.

The algorithm which Google uses must be weird- I know that I don't have many in-coming links (using the tool in Google "Find web pages that link to", I got a 0 result). It might be because of the pictures which I put on the left-hand column linking them to the different blog entries (no idea how true this is- I'm just guessing). Or maybe because I store most of the photos in flickr?

Oh well, for whatever the reason, it's good to have your blog high up in google so I'm not complaining!


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