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Old Blog Entries

These are the old posts (minus photos) which were deleted when i changed the format of my blog- a bit messy but I really can't be bothered updating and putting them all in seperate posts.

1/7 Kinoshita Takako China Dress Ver PVC
Friday, December 02, 2005
Found this lovely lady a few nights ago. She's a character from a dating sim game calle Pia Carrot and it seems that you can find a lot of figures of the characters. She is a PVC 1/7 pre-painted figure Kotobukiya (another resin kit turned PVC figure) and costs like about $65-$70 incl. shipping. Released on May 2004 so it's not as easy to find her in shops. She'll go straight to my wish-list but it's unlikely that i'll buy this figure in the near future since i've already spent a lot lately. Her chinese dress (or Qi Pao in chinese, i think) is absolutely amazing and i will be able to eat dimsum every meal if it's served like that. posted by Cloud at 9:24 PM 0 comments

Max Factory Naru II
Thursday, December 01, 2005
Here are some more pics from ebay. I've found her available in around 10 shops and the average price is about $60 like what Jong Tang said.posted by Cloud at 12:19 PM 0 comments

Max Factory Naru
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
I've pre-ordered this figure about 2 weeks ago with this seller from hongkong (the same guy who sold me the gashapons) and he's sent it this morning! She was just released last night (30th November in japan) and so it's now available on lots of shops on ebay as well as shops like HLJ. This is one of the best figures i've seen of Naru ('best' meaning it looks exactly like the manga/anime) and it's also at a reasonable price.
This is from the email from John Tang (the guy from HK):
The figure just released yesterday, Japan has cut the export quantity of this figure, so in Hong Kong this figure is raising, there are only around 5 seller selling on ebay and the average price is around $60 included shipping! Anyways, you shall receive this figure in good price while others are still bidding for the overpriced auction. :)
I bought the figure for $53 including shipping so i guess it was a good price and it seems that the stock is low (even on HLJ). Hopefully, she should arrive sometimes next week.posted by Cloud at 6:08 PM 0 comments

Kamiya Kaoru
Anime: Rurouni Kenshin
Manufacturer: ToycomHeight: 18 cm
Release date: June 2001
She just came this morning! Got it on ebay for only $7.50 shipping included- not bad considering the postage was $10! I kinda had a $5 credit with this guy on ebay coz he messed up the shipping with the Ah! My Goddess figures a few months ago; he sent it through economy mail rather than air parcel post. She was only pricd at $0.99!
She's well-painted and has lots of details, and looks exactly like the anime- i've just checked a few episodes of kenshin and saw that this is one of the kimonos she frequently wears. She's articulated; arms, wrists, feet, and neck can turn. The head/body joint line is pretty visible and so it would've been better if the head wasn't articulated.
Her eyes are green- aren't they supposed to be light blue? (need to check)
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Natsume Aya
Monday, November 28, 2005
Anime: Tenjo Tenge
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Sculptor: Bome
Height: 20 cm
Released: September 2005
This figure is a repaint of the same figure which came out in April. In this 'special edition', the paint scheme is based on the anime rather the manga, so Aya has a blonde hair rather than black. I personally think that she is much cuter like this! One weird thing is that on the Hobby Link Japan site, the item is marked 'discontinued by manufacturer' - she's only been released in september and Kaiyodo is discontinuing it already? I wonder if it'll be one of those rare figures.
This is by far the most beautiful (and obviously, the most expensive) figure which I have. I usually follow the rule of not buying figures from an anime which i haven't watched but she was totally irresistable and so I had to buy her (i bought her about 2 weeks ago). I saw her first while browsing the net and ebay but there were only a few shops which sold her (mostly from hong kong and there was this shop from the philipines) and the price and shipping was pretty high since she's just been released. Anyway, I was totally surprised to find her in the display shelf in Konci since i didn't expect it to reach France so fast. The guy at the shop told me that he's just got her 2 weeks ago and the price was 35 euros which was reasonable compared to the prices on ebay.
One thing which i didn't expect was that the figure is hollow- not like the other PVC figures i have. This creates an amazing effect when light shines through it (see the pictures), especially with her hair. Yeah, her hair....... totally incredible, and just amazing- i think that's it's her best feature. It really gives her a life-like appearance and it's like she's in motion.
The painting is different from my other figures as well. The paint on most of the figure is matted and has a pastel-like, chalky surface rather than glossy making her more realistic. I think that the paint is airbrushed. When I was wiping her hair for the first time a little yellow orangy powder came off and the cloth turned a bit yellow! but no more paint comes off now. The paint wasn't apply to all parts of her hair but this made it more realistic and less 'toy-like' and her hair was made from orange/yellow plastic anyway.
Major Defects:There were a few parts which weren't airbrushed properly: the right hand and the inside of her left thigh. The paint application was very thin and you can basically see the original color of the plastic. The other part was under her skirt: the white of her underwear wasn't painted right to the seams i.e. her panty-line wasn't well defined. Yeah, yeah, call me ecchi, hentai or whatever but these imperfections really bothered me.
The following week, i went into town to look for paint for touch up work. Got 2 bottles of acrylic paint, white and pinkish skin-color, and a few paint brushes of various sizes. Getting the right skin colour was very important so i had to experiment abit; adding abit of red ink from my uniball pen, and diluting with water. Her right hand looks pretty similar in colour to her left hand so that was a success and the paint application is pretty even. The most time-consuming was her underwear- it involved both colors and i had to use a tiny brush to paint the panty seams and the skin. Anyway, it turned out pretty well and i'm really proud of the touch-up work. Oh, i also 'white-washed' a thin layer of paint on the inside of the left thigh as well. So basically, you cant see any faults now unless you look carefully under a lamp! posted by Cloud at 11:11 PM 0 comments

Junk Shop Inventory
Sunday, November 20, 2005
Anyway, here is basically most of the stuff i have in my room.
Ah! My Goddess Hobby Base Yellow Submarine Series 1 & 2
Babelicious Natsume Aya (Tenjo Tenge) Kaiyodo, Monsieur Bomé sculpted ver. Special Paint
Love Hina Again Sega Prize Ping-Pong Onsen Set
FFVII Advent Children Sephiroth Play Arts Action Figure
Love Hina Again Aoyama Motoko Yamato 1/8
Neon Genesis Evangelion SegaPrize Physical Education Class Figure Set (Rei & Asuka)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Bandai Gashapons Part 1,2,3,4, Best Collection
Well that's basically all except for a few random ones lying about in my room (Coca-Cola Final Fantasy SD figures).
This is the adjustable 'metal hook thingy' i was talking about earlier.
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My humble collection
Wednesday, November 16, 2005
A small collection, started in august 2005 with 2 gashapons. I should be careful not to buy too much since: i) i'm running out of money ii) i'm running out of shelf-room for display iii) i'll have to ship it all back home next year when i leave Paris.
I'm quite proud of my 'home-made' display shelf considering that i didnt have many resources and that the shelves were pretty crap. Each shelf can be adjusted to any heights since it consists simply of a plank of wood and supported by 4 small metallic hook thingies on each corner, this is hard to explain- i'll post some photos tomorrow when the camera is charged up again. From the photo, you can see 5 planks but there's actually one more at the bottom which is being used for my CDs and tapes. If i desperately need more space i'll probably have to use that last plank to make another shelf space.
i used wrapping paper (the one used for presents) as wallpaper to line the walls of the shelf and the shelves themselves- the surface before the makeover were brown, dark, and disgusting. I then cello-taped transparents (for OHPs) as screens to protect the figures from dust; 2 sheets for each section. They work pretty well- allowing figures to be accessed easily and they actually look like glass screens from where i'm sitting.
anyway, it's getting late- have class in the morning but i doubt i'll go since i've been such a slacker all week. posted by Cloud at 10:15 PM 0 comments

In the beginning......
Right, at the moment i really should be studying for the physics test this friday but for some reason i decided to start this little blog thing.
I won't be writing about my life in here coz that kinda stuff should be kept private. Intead this blog will be generally dedicated to my new hobby of anime figures collecting (hence the name Sector 6 Slum Junk Shop). I'll be posting reviews and pictures of the figures from my collection as well as the ones which are available on the market and this blog will also serve as a a personal systematic record of the different 'findings' from the internet. I've got no idea whether it will be of interest or use to anyone out there since that's not my main aim in creating this blog but any constructive comments are welcomed.
I dont know how often i'll update this blog since this is quite low down on my priority list and i really won't be surprised if i stop updating it after a week or two. posted by Cloud at 9:44 PM 0 comments


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