Monday, May 01, 2006

Rare Belldandy Figures on Ebay!

I did a little stroll on ebay today and I was shocked to find 2 rare Belldandy figures on sale at incredibly low prices. The Belldandy figure in her swimsuit by Max Factory is at a starting bid of AU$19.95 (approx. US$15.15). The Atelier Sai figure starts at AU$29.95 (approx. US$22.74). These 2 figures are basically impossible to find and I've only seen them pop-up in ebay once or twice for somewhere around US$70-$100. I was about to bid but the seller (from Australia) doesn't accept paypal and it also doesn't mention anything about accepting international bidders- I wish I was in Australia..........mmmmmm.... I wonder what the final bid will be.


Anonymous Michelle said...

lol I was looking for the second one and its about like £100 / $190 on ebay. (not so gd feedback though... but still the figure I guess )

15/12/06 4:21 AM  
Blogger Cloud said...

i've basically given up all hope of finding these figures.....for a reasonable price, at least, since my budget for figures is very low! hehe
anyway, thanks for dropping by since we don't get many visitors nowadays.

15/12/06 11:48 AM  

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