Thursday, May 11, 2006

Monsieur BOME Chidori & Tessa Released!

Monsieur BOME Collection vol. 12 Chidori and Tessa was just released yesterday (09/05/06). Here are some photos of these two lovely ladies still inside their box (taken from Akibajin blog).

If you look at the first photo carefully, the price is labelled as 7140 Yen. I'm seriously going to go bankrupt- I've already preordered Ignis by Max Factory and I'm definitely going to buy the Belldandy by Kotobukiya as well. So at the moment, I'm not sure whether I'm going to buy Chidori and Tessa.

The blog also has another set of photos here. Since the photos were taken last month (which was before the release date), I assume that the Kaname and Tessa figures were sort of like a merchandise sample from Kaiyodo.

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