Sunday, August 05, 2007

Nemu Asakura by Toypla wishes a happy birthday!

Got this lovely girl as a birthday gift from one of my friends! She doesn't know anything about anime but she knew that I'm a figurines collector. She bought this particular one coz she thought it was the cutest one. I recognised the 'D.C.' on the box- it stands for Da Capo, an eroge and also an anime. Other than that I had no clue so had to search online. Anyway, her name is Nemu Asakura, and she's a small 1/8 PVC by Toypla (Toysplanning). More info here.




Anonymous lu-k said...

wow I wish my friends make me this kind of birthday present haha :)
That's great.

Quite nice looking figure, and she looks very close from the anime & game design. I'm still hesitating about getting her or not (I prefer Kotori hehe).

Ho and... a bit late, but happy birthday dude ;)

8/8/07 3:05 AM  
Blogger Cloud said...

thanks! i kinda pestered my friend about getting me a figurine for a gift so i think she got the hint! hehe.

8/8/07 9:43 AM  

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