Saturday, May 27, 2006

Evangelion Characters Type-F Bandai on ebay

I saw this set of Evangelion trading figures when I was surfing ebay a few days ago. Some of the ebay shops have excellent photos of their products- not sure if they took them themselves or nicked them from another site. Anyway, I thought the photos from this particular shop was pretty decent so I decided to nick them for my blog and give them a free advertisement.

The figures of Rei and Asuka caught my eye and I was tempted to buy them but someone else has already placed a bid for them so I wasn't in the mood to embark upon a bidding war. The paint quality looks much more detailed and fine than the usual gashapons (but they also come at a higher price, of course). However, I didn't care much for the other figures- the 3 modified EVAs with some weird armour and weaponary. I think they're real ugly.





Asuka-1 f

Asuka-2 f





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