Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Airbrush and compressor set-up

Here is my 'workshop' for painting my models. In the first picture, you can see my airbrush and my home-made spray booth. The whole idea of the spray booth was to prevent getting these micro-dots of paint everywhere (my lungs included). I only use acrylic paint (Tamiya and Gunze Aqueous Colors) so won't have to worry too much about solvent poisoning. The booth consists of a rotary exhaust fan, a box (which I bought the fan in), aluminium flexible duct, magic-wipe cloth (as a filter), and a transparency sheet. I got the idea from this forum.
For airbrush, I have Sparmax DH-103 0.3mm nozzle, double-action gravity feed. For compressor (under the desk), I use a fish pump, Hiblow 40, which is quiet as a mouse and is designed to work 24/7. The gray thing you see lying inside the booth is an in-progress Y-wing by Finemolds.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, where do you purchase the hiblow 40? How much does that alone cost? How long can the spraying goes w/o overheating? Thanks!

29/6/08 1:32 PM  
Blogger Cloud said...

i got it 2nd hand. you can get it in Achtung Japan Hobby, in Parklane shopping mall i think. try a search in google.

it's a fish pump so it can be used 24/7. cost: $200-300.

30/6/08 12:38 AM  

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