Friday, March 07, 2008

SD Gundams and Keroro madness!

I've been attacked by the SD Gundam craze and have been buying boxes and boxes of SD Gundam kits (by BANDAI of course). I remember buying an SD Gundam kit about 10 years ago- it was actually my first Gundam kit. It's been in my house all these years, untouched, but then I decided to bring it out and have it painted since I have an airbrush available. I finished it two days ago and the SD Gundam no longer looks like a cheap plastic toy. Anyway, so that's basically how I started my SD Gundam collection.

I think it's a good idea to build these SD Gundams coz:
i) they are small and takes less room for display.
ii) they are cheap, compared to tanks and Star Wars kits.

I've also been watching Keroro Gunsou as well. It's absolutely hilarious and addictive. As a result, I got myself a Keroro kit by Bandai and I'm currently working on it. I decided to do puttying and sanding for the first time as well.

These are from the old (very old) Ganso SD Gundam series from the 90s which I got on ebay since you cannot find them in shops any more.

Musha Keroro. I'm still trying to figure out how will I be able to paint all those gold lines.

5 kits in 1 box. A team of all the 'bad guys'.

An older SD musha Gundam kit.


Blogger icekachang said...

how much does the ganso sd gundam cost you?

31/5/12 4:31 AM  
Blogger hellokittykat said...

I'm trying to find the ganso SD gundam z'gok for my husband. He used to have 'em when he was a kid but had lost 'em when the family moved house decades ago. Now that his 33th birthday is coming, i wanna surprise him with it! please share where you found yours from~

15/2/13 11:24 AM  
Blogger Cloud said...


I got them from ebay but they were pretty expensive :(

17/2/13 8:22 AM  

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