Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tiger, tiger burning bright!

Haven't been posting lately coz been busy with my new toy! This is a huge remote control tank which is an upgrade of the previous one. It was hard to find and I looked all over for it. The paint work and details are much more realistic than the 1/24 one. It's a 1/16 sound and smoke Tiger I (the Tiger I is one of the famous tanks in WWII) tank by Heng Long; it has a speaker which gives realistic sound effects (e.g. machine gun and engine sounds) and it actually produces smoke!

Anyway, I've been busy adding a wireless cam to the tank so i could drive it while sitting in my room. The simple solution was to tape the wireless cam and its battery onto the turret but the challenge was to put the camera somewhere which isn't too obvious and ugly. Well, after spending 2-3 evenings I managed to install it inside the turret, with the camera peeking out of the commander's cupola. Pretty good work, i think, considering my limited equipments.

While I was doing this, I even thought about getting back into making these plastic models again and giving up on anime figures collecting. Maybe all these tanks are just a passing phase but I really enjoy working on them.... I guess only time will tell. Actually, nothing could stop me from enjoying the two hobbies but it means that i'll have to cut down on my figures spending.









Blogger dannychoo said...

Looks awesome!

5/10/07 11:01 AM  
Blogger Shaun said...

cool work there!

17/1/08 5:30 PM  

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