Sunday, January 27, 2008

Detolf IKEA, Tanks, Star Wars, Kamen Riders.......

It's been ages since my last post and I've basically forgotten basic html. So much has happened since last August: I've moved to a new place, tank craze, Star Wars craze, and, lately, Kamen Rider craze.

My new room is much much nicer but it's about 75% the size of the old one. As a result, have no space for large display cupboards, which means, less room to display anime figures and other things. I had to be content with one Detolf display shelf from IKEA. I sold-off most of my PVC figures and gashapons to some private collectors at a cheap rate (50-70% the market value) so I'm only left with a handful. Anyway, below is my collection on display (I do have a few more hidden in boxes under my bed but no space to display!).

Here is the Detolf with 2 spot-lights.

Kamen Rider mask collection, Megahouse Dragonball, FF7 Playarts figures.

X-Wing and TIE fighters plastic models, Virgo Shaka, Hokuto no Ken, Ushio to Tora, Crayon Shin-chan.

Shelf for PVC figures.

My painted tank kits as well as a small samurai collection.


Blogger Julius said...

Okay, I have to ask, where I can get those mini shelves you got inside your detolf? I just got a detolf today and could really use something like that!

30/12/09 3:47 PM  
Blogger Cloud said...

which country are you from? i got mine at a place called Daiso- Japanese chain store which sells everything for $2.

30/12/09 3:50 PM  

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