Saturday, June 21, 2008

Half-Mask Respirator for Airbrushing and Priming

Decided to get myself a respirator after using Mr. Base White for the first time. It stunk really bad, despite of using it outdoors and I'm sure it's not very good for my lungs. I have these N95 dust masks which I use but they don't get rid of the solvents from the spray can. Those N95 get rid of small paint particles but you'll need a respirator to filter out the solvents.

I got a set of respirator (it's an American brand called North) from this company called PDS International. Took less than 30 min to get there from my lab.

The prices:
1. North 5500 series half-mask $20.00
2. A pair of Organic Vapour (OV) Catridges N75001 $15.00
3. Five pairs of N95 filters 7506N95 $15.00
4. A pair of filter covers 750027 $3.00
TOTAL (+ tax): $56.71 ------> I'm sure my lungs cost more than that :p

I tried using it today for spraying matt Mr. Topcoat for my SD Musha Gundam. No smell. Next test would be Mr. Base White on my SD Nise Gundam. The mask is made from rubber. You can get a silicone mask (7700 series) but it's more expensive.

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The respirator assembles easily, just screw on the two cartridges.

After use, unscrew the cartridges and seal them in zip-lock bags so that they can last longer. The middle hole of the mask is the exhalation valve which only allows air to flow out of the mask. The holes on the left and right are the inhalation valves which only allows air to flow in.

'OV' = Organic Vapour

The filter cover is used to hold the N95 filter.

The N95 acts like a pre-filter which prevents the OV cartridge from getting clogged-up by the paint particles. It'll have to be replaced more frequently than the cartridge.

DSCN3390 DSCN3393


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