Sunday, May 30, 2010

Microstars WorldStars (Series 19) Part 2

I found this superb site online with photos of every single MicroStars released so I guess there's not much use of me manually copying and loading the pictures of each figures:
MicroStars Gallery

See also:Corinthian Microstars WorldStars (Series 19)

microstars-MC12471 microstars-MC12470 microstars-MC12472
microstars-MC12498 microstars-MC12503 microstars-MC12473

Manchester United: Rooney (ENG), J.S.Park (KOR), Ferdinand (ENG), Anderson (BRA), Nani (POR), Vidic (SRB)

microstars-MC12474 microstars-MC12492 microstars-MC12506
microstars-MC12482 microstars-MC12475 microstars-MC12477

Barcelona: Messi (ARG), Henry (FRA), Marquez (MEX), Y.Toure (CIV), Iniesta (ESP), Alves (BRA), Xavi (ESP)

microstars-MC12491 microstars-MC12488 microstars-MC12508
microstars-MC12487 microstars-MC12497 microstars-MC12502
microstars-MC12483 microstars-MC12479

Liverpool: Torres (ESP), Gerrard (ENG), Babel (NED), Mascherano (ARG), Kuyt (NED), Skrtel (SVK), Aquilani (ITA), Agger (DEN)

microstars-MC12501 microstars-MC12486 microstars-MC12495
microstars-MC12494 microstars-MC12499 microstars-MC12500

Chelsea: Alex (BRA), Lampard (ENG), Terry (ENG), Ballack (GER), Essien (GHA), Drogba (CIV)

microstars-MC12490 microstars-MC12489 microstars-MC12504
microstars-MC12478 microstars-MC12505

Arsenal: Van Persie (NED), Fabregas (ESP), Senderos (SUI), Bendtner (DEN), Vela (MEX)

microstars-MC12493 microstars-MC12496 microstars-MC12509
microstars-MC12507 microstars-MC12480

Manchester City: Tevez (ARG), Robinho (BRA), K.Toure (CIV), De Jong (NED), Santa Cruz (PAR)

microstars-MC12485 microstars-MC12481 microstars-MC12510

Everton: Cahill (AUS), Pienaar (RSA), Howard (USA)


Anonymous zstalker said...

i want a messi figure ^^

2/6/11 2:52 AM  
Blogger Cloud said...

you can find him with an argentinean kit as well :)

2/6/11 7:55 AM  
Anonymous Playmobil said...

It's awesome, now you can get different soccer player figures. Is better to add them to a collection.

3/7/11 10:19 AM  

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