Sunday, May 20, 2007

Asuka Langley Uniform Version by Kotobukiya Released!

The 1/8 Asuka Langley Uniform Version by Kotobukiya has just been released. The promotional photos look pretty decent and I'll be getting it at my local store. Called the shop earlier today and he said that it should be coming at the end of this month. Would expect the quality to be lower than the likes of Max Factory and Alter since it's by Kotobukiya and the price is, obviously, lower ( is selling it at 3800 yen). This Asuka in her school uniform is in the same series as the previous Shinji and Kaworu duo in school uniform as well which was released in January this year (see here). Those two look pretty good and faithful to the anime but I'm not a big fan of both of them so they didn't tempt me. I think they're gonna issue Rei in her school uniform as well. I'll have to see the quality of Asuka first and will decide later. I've also preordered 1/8 Asuka Langley Room Wear which should be arriving sometimes next month- I'll post some pictures of it later.

I can't wait till the new Evangelion movies come out. I wonder if the hype surrounding it would be bigger than FF7 Advent Children.

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Pictures are from AmiAmi and this French anime shop which I used to go to













Anonymous valho said...

i wonder if she's permanently stuck to the base or you can take her out

29/5/07 6:06 PM  
Blogger Cloud said...

i'll bet on her being removeable. she has yet to arrive on the shores of singapore.

29/5/07 6:13 PM  

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