Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sonsaku Hakufu Ikkitousen by Griffon Preview

This 1/6 Sonsaku Hakufu Gym Suit Version PVC by Griffon Enterprise is due to be released in July for about 6500 yen. Like I've mentioned earlier, I'm not familiar with the company nor the anime, Ikki Tousen. All I know about the anime is that they are lots fighting girls in uniform and fanservice aplenty. I've seen quite a few figures from this anime so I guess it's quite popular.

It's a 1/6 PVC so it'll be big but I'm sure that's not the main highlight of this figure...hehe. Hakufu is sitting a very seductive pose and her pink bra is removeable, revealing her.....mmmm... well, you know.... I'm not too much of a fan of cast-off PVCs (explanation see here) but I guess this one caught my eye and I'm a bit tempted to get her. If I end up getting her, it'll be my first cast-off (and x-rated) figure!

More pics from






Below are more pics but be warned, these are rated +18.
Front close-up
Rear view


Blogger Joshua said...

That's a nice, detailed figure! Also, nice breasts and butt. I find it rare (in my limited experience) that there is a big butt on these characters/figures.

17/9/09 9:17 PM  

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