Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tanks a lot!

I've always been fascinated by tanks, fighter jets, and battleships and I've made many plastic models when I was much younger. Anyway, this month, my interest was sparked-off again by the really realistic-looking Forces of Valor tanks at the toy sale. I bought two 1:32 scale tanks both from the wintery Ardennes campaign: the German Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. G and the American M4A3 Sherman. The tanks were well-weathered and very very realistic. They came with a few accessories like sand bags as well.

One day, I got the idea of making a nice snow diorama for them and started simply by sprinkling some talcum powder. That made the display more interesting than a plain black base but then I decided to redo it and make a proper snowy diorama base. After lots of research on snow dioramas, I bought PVA glue, a strainer/sift, and lots of baking soda, and started on my mini-project. I also got a packet of 'reindeer moss' to add some foliage to the set. Can't be bothered to explain the details but you can see the results below. Each set took only one evening to complete! The Sherman diorama is supposed to imitate the heavy snow of the Ardennes forest at Bastogne.

I also bought myself a second-hand radio-controlled tank whose turrent can turn and shoot BB pellets! It's a cool looking 1:24 Leopard II A5 of modern-day Germany (the German Kosovo NATO force to be exact). It's no where as realistic as the Forces of Valor tanks but it's sooooo cool to play with! The chinese company, Hen Long, actually produces low-end RC tanks compared to the much more expensive Marui or Tamiya. I guess you get what you pay, hehe.







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nice work on the diorama. :)

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