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Eva Mass Production WIKIPEDIA

Here are more photos I've found of the Revoltech Mass Production by Kaiyodo (taken from Ami Ami). Forgot to tell you that the wings are removeable and that the heavy lance actually came with EVA-02. I've taken some info on this Eva from wikipedia:

Mass Production (MP) Evangelions (Units 05 - 13)

These Evas appear in The End of Evangelion and were produced at seven different NERV branches around the world, probably Germany (Third Branch), the United States (First Branch, Massachusetts), Japan (Matsushiro), the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China. Units 05 and 06 were made in Germany; 08 was produced in China. SEELE had them produced as part of their backup plan for initiating Instrumentality, but only nine out of an envisioned twelve were completed. They have no real pilots; rather, they are controlled directly by SEELE via Kaworu's Dummy Plug system.

Their physical build is different from previous Evas, being narrower in the chest and shoulders and wider in the hips, but the greatest difference is in the head: rather than humanoid, it is streamlined and vaguely cetacean in appearance, and apparently covered by the same reinforced plastic that coats the arms. The long jaws have red muscular lips, metal-plated teeth, a large grey tongue, and produce large quantities of saliva. There are no apparent eyes; it seems likely that they employ a non-visual means of environmental perception.

Each MP Eva contains an internal S² Engine, which grants them complete mobility (being freed from the umbilical cable) and no operational time limit. Although the S² Engine would theoretically allow them to regenerate damage they have taken (like the Angels), they never display this ability, despite a common misconception to the contrary. The misconception stems from a continuity error: after they reactivate, they are drawn for several cuts without their injuries. However, later, in "Magokoro o, kimi ni", the injuries are clearly visible in numerous cuts; no regeneration has occurred.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the MP Evas is that they are equipped with large, mechanical, avian-style wings that enable them to fly, and which can be fully retracted into the back. Another key difference in their design is that they lack the shoulder-mounted armor "blades", characteristic of previous Evas. Their primary weapons are the unwieldy Heavy Lances, which eventually transform into their true form, dark gray replicas of the Lance of Longinus. Additionally, the Evas themselves are capable of formidable savagery and behave in a manner similar to vultures, as they are shown circling in the air over the fallen Unit 02 before descending to tear the Eva apart.

During the opening credits of the anime, a Tree of Sephiroth is shown, but is not explicitly referenced during the series. However, during The End of Evangelion, the MP Evas arrange themselves to form a Tree of Sephiroth in the middle of Instrumentality, with Unit 01 in the center. Also, as part of Instrumentality's progression, the MP Evas sacrifice themselves by impaling their cores with their replica Lances. After Third Impact occurs, the MP Evas fall dead to Earth in crucifixion poses.

An individual "Mass Production Unit" could be referred to as "Ryousanki".

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